Our Mission:

We advance our District’s individual and collective social wellbeing through informed leadership, collaboration, research, awareness-building and innovation.

Our Mandate:

The CDSPC’s mandate is to enhance and participate in social development in the larger context of community planning by: promoting community discussion on social and economic issues, information gathering and sharing, advocacy, and social awareness.

Our Vision:

We live in a supportive and inclusive environment that enables all residents of the Cochrane District to reach their full social potential.

Our Core Values:

  • Encouraging Communication and Engagement
  • Fostering Community
  • Valuing and Respecting Diversity
  • Promoting Collaboration
  • Ensuring Sustainability and Accountability
  • Taking a Regional Perspective

How We Accomplish This:

  • Planning and Research
  • Sustainability and Governance
  • Awareness and Community Engagement
  • Social Project Identification

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Board of Directors

Peter Politis
Mayor, Town of Cochrane, Ontario
Michael Shea
Mayor, Town of Iroquois Falls
Rena Keenan-Buhler
Food and Logistics Coordinator, Canadian Red Cross
Michelle Boileau
Agente - Liason, Collège Boréal
Roxanne Daoust
Executive Director, Venture Centre

Julie Joncas
Executive Director, Far North East Training Board

Brian Marks
Chief Administrative Officer, Director, Cochrane District Social Services, Administration Board

Tom Laughren
Community Member Representative, Communications Director, Lakeshore Gold

Dr Lianne Catton

Medical Officer of Health, Porcupine Health Unit