About Our District 

Canada Census - Cochrane District Community Profile 2011


Population:  81,122 (-1.7% from 2006)

Land area: 141,270.41 km2 (54,544.81 sq mi)

Population density: 0.6/km2 (1.6/sq mi)

Total private dwellings: 37,242

What is the Cochrane District Social Planning Council's Role? 


The CDPSC acts as a mirror reflecting the reality of social issues and the needs of the Cochrane District back to local communities and decision makers. Thus, creating a sustainable quality of life for everyone in the district. 

In 2011, the population was 81,122. The land area of this district is 141,270.41 square kilometers. Cochrane District, Ontario is a district and census division in Northeastern Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario. It was created in 1921 from parts of Timiskaming and Thunder Bay.